Hey  !!

There has been a

ton of interest in

listening to


Cardinal Music

" LIVE "

again ?

Lets face it folks, we had some of the most entertaining music in

Drum and Bugle Corps history.

The sounds of The Cardinals were just so neat to listen to.

Lets take a poll here, like a vote, except like the Florida vote since

" Every Vote Shall Count " 

Are you interested in listening to Cardinal Music Live again ?

Are you interseted in hearing " CARDINAL MUSIC " again ?   " Live "                                                                                                                                !

A yes or no vote shall include:

1.  Joining the mini corps
2. Learning and playing Cardinal Music
3.  No Parades
4.  Playing in front of a crowd once a year
5.  No uniforms to put on & No pressure
6.   Not very many practices.

If you are interested in performing with and joining a

" Cardinal Mini Corps "

Send your name, instrument you play, email and/or phone number to:

Bobby Pero


   Are you interested in joining a Cardinal Mini Corps  ?